One Minute For America!

This site has two parts: (1) Patriotic, (2) Christian.



The home of ‘one minute videos’ (60-90 seconds).

They will describe various features about this great
country of ours, the U.S.A., how we have gotten off-track,
and how to get us back on-track!


Thus, this can be called, “America: Back to the Basics!”


It is first a look at the negatives of this nation,
and then how to begin converting these to positives.

Note: This project was just begun in August 2017, so it’s just getting started.
It will continue at the rate of about one video per week.

Click Here For a List of Patriotic Videos

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In our rapidly growing liberal nation, with prayer, the 10 commandments,
and anything else religious rapidly eliminated by our secular society,
we forget that this nation was founded with two dominating slogans:

“One Nation Under God”
“In God We Trust”

This nation was founded with the Bible as a main foundation.
Not all of our founders were Christian, with saving faith
in the finished work of the cross of Jesus. But most of them
were God-fearing, Bible believing men focused on Scripture.

Thus, this part of the site also has 60-90 second videos,

which are focused on various Bible verses or passages,
many of which were firmly relied on by our founding fathers.

Click Here for A List of Scripture Videos

Below is a song I wrote: “THIS IS GOD’S COUNTRY”
together with a slide show presentation.

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My other patriotic site has a more varied focus:

Toward Understanding our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Messages on how this great nation came into being.

HUMOR!!!  Law, lawyer and justice humor and jokes (5 sections of humor!)
It’s a time to laugh and relax, keeping in mind our national heritage and
the lawyers and judges who have been instrumental in creating it.

Motivational, inspirational thoughts based on
a negative, satire song I composed, 
America! Searching For Reality!
Click here if you want to go to “An American Satire.”

I then took each negative line of the song and transposed it into
positive, inspirational thoughts to grow and live by (the above book). 


Roger Himes, The Gospel Life Coach, Constitution Lawyer Coach


Here is the patriotic song!

NOTE: The John Denver Tribute Site mentioned in this video hasn’t been available since 2009.
John was an inspiration for many things I’ve done since singing with him in college,
in his ‘BC’ days, or ‘before he was a celebrity.’

Interest was great about John for a few years after he died in a plane crash in California in 1997.
But then most people lost interest.
I wrote a book about him that did great on the internet from about 1998 to 2004:
A Fire In His Heart & A Light In His Eyes (John Denver’s Legacy).

And I composed a very engaging tribute song to John: THE SINGER
(John always said that he liked to be called ‘The Singer’)
Here is a link to the song if you would like to hear me perform it: