2 – Why Has America Changed?

The first video was “Our Transgender Government”
how ‘Uncle Sam’ became ‘Mama Washington.’
This second video shows 7 transitions our nation has
taken over the decades that have led us down-hill.



America’s Values: Why Has America Changed? – Video 2

FIRST, this nation was founded for the people.

But SECOND, things quickly turned into a governmental focus. The government became more important than the people.

THIRD, with the government now in control, this caused less creativity and involvement by the people. People were now more governed, and less involved in the government.

FOURTH, more laws were created with threats against the people for not obeying them. Governmental structure became more and more rigid and demanding on the people.

FIFTH, all the red tape and complexity, and rulebook thinking, and laws just keep mushrooming until today it is said that we have 10 million laws to enforce the 10 commandments.

SIXTH, special interest groups then began to be created, all wanting special benefits and attention and privileges for their group. They all competed and fought with each other for their selfish agendas.

Finally SEVENTH, today there is just a general loss of all initiative, and people have become apathetic. People just think government is too big to do anything about, like fat Mama Washington. This is why Trump is pushing to get America back under tall, lanky Uncle Sam’s leadership. Hey, thanks for listening, and until next time, please visit Constitution Lawyer Coach dot com.