3 – Do We Want Muslims, or Anyone to Rule Us?


American Values: Muslim Religion Take-Over -Video 3


We live in a nation that accepts people of all creeds, colors, races, and nationalities. But there must be limits on the numbers of people we accept, or the United States will cease being the country we know.

Muslims are the fastest growing religion in the world. And they are welcome here in this nation. But should we let them come in such vast numbers that they control us?

There is a prediction that in the next 50-60 years, this may be the case if we don’t control their immigration. There is a radical form of Islam that wants to infiltrate other nations so they are such large numbers they can control it.

If they succeed here, then Mohammed will become our national religious figure, he ruled by terror and force — while the Christianity of Jesus is one of love and equality.

I am of African descent. I come from one of the black races in Africa, and I have a deep respect for my heritage. But would I want to see this nation flooded by black Africans so they rule us? NO! NO!

It would put this nation back decades, perhaps even a century. And this is exactly what would happen if Islamic Muslim people take over this country, and populate us to an extent where they could even take over control of our government. Then we would be subject to them, and dominated by them. We cannot allow this to happen. We must take steps to limit the numbers of them coming into our nation.