4. Back to the Basics: One Nation Under God

Roger Himes, Esq.
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There is a lot of argument against religion today just like there are different opinions about everything from liberal to conservative – or just being confused. But this nation began as a God fearing, Bible focused nation. Benjamin Franklin told a reporter, “God has given you a republic, if you can keep it.” The fact is that we have not kept it. Abraham Lincoln referred to God as, “The Almighty Ruler of Nations.”

Phrases like, “One Nation Under God,” and “In God We Trust,” were not just mindless slogans. They described the way things were. God was like ‘the chairman of the board’ of our governmental meetings. He was prayed to, and his Bible was consulted for revelation. Today, the mention of God is hardly even allowed.

We need to get back to the basics of the way this nation used to be, back in the early 1800’s. I hope our new administration has the stamina for the long uphill climb it’s going to be. Liberals, ‘anything goes thinkers,’ will do all they can to kill any conservative, Constitutional change. We must get back to a Constitutional, founding fathers type of thinking if we want America to continue to thrive.